Auckland Property Maintenance Reports

Cornerstone Property Inspection Services can perform maintenance inspections on rental dwellings and owner occupied properties.

A full visual inspection of the premise is performed with a view to assess present maintenance related issues and forecast future maintenance requirements. A written report is produced, highlighting all recommendations and requirements with scaled levels of priority.

A painted exterior can hide a serious corrosion issue waiting to hole and leak.

This service is recommended for:

  • Landlords of rental accommodation on an annual basis or in between tenancies and can be designed to suit requirements.
  • Homeowners intending on future sale or upkeep of maintenance will find this service invaluable in providing information on their investment and in turn providing the possibility of better profit return at the point of resale.

Do I need to get all the remedial work completed now?

No, not usually. The likelihood is that some aspects of remedial and maintenance can be staged over a period of time and in some cases deferred for some years, but invariably the longer some deterioration is left the more costly the repairs will become. 

I have not had any problems with it why should I replace before it fails?

Items like roofing, wiring and some plumbing types have certain life spans after which it is just a matter of time before they fail either slightly or dramatically. 

As an experienced professional I need to inform you of this scenario ahead of the failure where possible

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