Auckland Pre-Sale / Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Reports

We will provide an in-depth written builders report with colour photographs, based on a visual property inspection, same day / within 24 hours of completing the thorough building inspection survey.

Conducting an expert property inspection is an essential process to safeguard your investment against hidden defects and identify upcoming maintenance and remedial work upgrades.

If you are selling, a pre-sale building inspection document will provide you with the overview of your home and identify areas of concern or defect before another unscrupulous building inspector identifies and comments is an asset in your favour. 

Commissioning your own pre-sale builders report gives you the opportunity to obtain estimates / quotes to counter over zealous negotiation attempts as a result of alternative and likely negative pre-purchase building inspection companies.

Remember…You are not comparing ‘apples with apples’ choose carefully.

Note: Please ask if you require Methamphetamine Testing or possible Asbestos Testing as these will likely require permission and / or additional booking considerations in conjunction with the building inspection.

Report Options

Premium Report

The 'Premium' building inspection report document is our first class system with a service-by-service, room-by-room, page-by-page breakdown of the property from the foundations to the rooftop. 

This builders report document is recognised by banks, insurance companies and money lenders alike.  

The property report information is established in an easy-to-read format accompanied with quality digital photography to assist your understanding of the property inspection survey.

This written building report document style is best suited for:

  • Properties needing medium to high levels of maintenance / remedial / renovation work.
  • Clients requiring 'the big picture' will benefit greatly from the extra investment into the 'Premium' property inspection document.
  • Vendors preparing to market their property.
  • Overseas / absent purchasers needing a quality in-depth builders report.

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Standard Inspection

The 'Standard' building inspection report document is a compressed version of the 'Premium' and is again recognised by banks, insurance companies and money lenders alike. 

Although a report of lesser volume, this inspection report document type is never-the-less a very practical solution to clients with financial restraints and those in need of the basics whilst still packing a punch with information. We focus more on urgent requirements, recommendations and moisture testing.

This document style is best suited for:

  • Clients requiring a fast paced turn-around (same day service - best efforts).
  • Simplistic properties ie: New build, small flats / apartments and well maintained properties.
  • Building inspection clause satisfaction (dependent on property type / style / condition / size).

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Verbal / Oral Report

Although some movement in marketing properties is currently noted and suggesting more of a 'buyers advantage', the auction method is still alive and kicking. We can offer the option of a 'Verbal conclusion'. This process will provide the same inspection process documenting all information fully using digital photography but will not involve any written report. We will discuss all findings with you on-site or at a mutually suitable time after (preferred). Our preference is to meet on-site, discuss detail and allow you to sign written notes encompassing the inspection findings.

The written report ('Premium' / 'Standard') can be commissioned if you are successful at auction.

Note: This service is only available with auction sold properties or for unconditional contract clients.

Building inspections will include:

  • A thorough assessment of the structure and weather-tightness of all visible components.
  • An assessment of the services to the property (given reasonable access).
  • A cursory survey of out-buildings, immediate grounds and site drainage.
  • Non-invasive moisture testing areas of high risk and potential issues such as window and door penetrations and wet rooms (bathrooms, laundry etc) is part of the basic service provided. 
  • Identification of maintenance related items.
  • Recognising additions and alterations post original construction requiring permit or consent.

How long does a normal property inspection take?

Residential property inspections can take between 1-2 hours to perform (dependent on property size and complexity) encompassing NZ Standard 4306: 2005 Residential Property Inspection.

Do you get onto the roofing?

Yes, where safe and accessible from a 3.6m ladder or otherwise in accordance with recently issued Health and Safety requirements (some restrictions will apply).

Can I follow you on the inspection and ask questions?

Not really. You are openly invited to attend the inspection (if suitable with vendor / agent), but I will be making progress to seek the information you require and may ask you to keep clear until completion as you are paying me to perform and distraction is unlikely helpful to this process.

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