Auckland Insulation & Heating Assessments

We offer recommendations to advise you of insulation upgrades and preferred types to ceilings, under floor and walls.

Up until 1978 houses in New Zealand were not required to have any insulation and relied upon relatively cheap electricity and abundance of solid fuel wood burners and open fires to inefficiently heat the home. Even after 1978 for many years the requirements stipulated as part of the building regulations were less than adequate, loosely monitored and in some cases abused. This has left some significant shortfalls and some very under insulated homes. 

Some of these properties are impossible to retro fit with insulation without considerable expense, some are simpler but still costly. The aftermath of this building concept error has brought about some serious potential health issues and the obvious inefficiency to heating systems. All is not lost...

With some helpful advise and determination, improvements can be made.

With no insulation a home is cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

Thankfully modern building code stipulates a higher quality and is, well, at least reviewed by Auckland Council inspectors... Sadly it is not perfect and we do visit new homes in Auckland with blatant and subtle insulation problems and some defective aspects.

We offer an insulation assessment survey including a list of recommendations to advise you of insulation upgrades and preferred types to ceilings, under floor insulation and wall insulation (where applicable). In conjunction, it is also possible to recommend the best suited heating systems and ventilation provisions after the site visit.

Insulation surveys will assist current home owners, potential purchasers and landlords needing to get across the line with the changes to the tenancy information.

What are the benefits of insulation?

Insulation will keep your heating bills down and you sustain a warmer, healthier environment. 

An overlooked benefit is that good quality insulation will keep your home cooler in the summer by creating a thermal barrier, suppressing the hot ceiling void air.

How much insulation is enough?

There are minimum standards, but the more you install the better the results will be.

What is the best insulation for my property?

Different insulation types are better in a variety of homes with specific scale requirements and environments. 

A professional overview is the best answer, every home is subtly different.

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